Album Reviews – The Color of Life

  As a listener and Jazz Lover, I can place this album among some of my favorite artists. Stephen’s rhythmic tones are reminiscent of a Hardcastle, Kool and Klein….set back and relax and Stephen Jerome Ferguson will paint You an oasis of summer shades that will deliver you to a…

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The Origin of that SJF Music Sound

My whole life, all I can ever remember is listening to and studying music. It was a huge part of my daily family life. Just about every memory I have has some type of music associated with it. Music is fused into my DNA. I have probably spent hundreds of…

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The Goal is a Simple One

          Artists coming together. Internet Radio stations, Promotors and Marketing people and people in general coming together to help make a difference. The Color of Life project is the brain child of Indie Producer, Stephen Jerome Ferguson of SJF Music LLC. The goal of this musical…

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