Aug 24

Cause and Effect

I have been thinking about posting this for a long time. Because of it’s subject matter, I didn’t really know how it would be received.

It’s not about my music at all. It’s a social theory that I have been thinking on for a while now.

Watch the video. It only takes 6 minutes of your time but the theories expressed in it may open your eyes.

You know, cause that little light bulb over your head to turn on.

Aug 16

Looking for Artist to Spread a Positive Message

Slide1SJF Music LLC is looking for artists that want to create projects that are uplifting, positive, encouraging and full of the truth. It doesn’t matter what genre.

I will help in any way that I can. I can provide music, arranging, production and help with promotion. goldviolin

For a long time, I have been looking for a way to combine my ministry with my music production service. I looked at many different scenarios and different genres of music. I was completely lost and confused about how to do this so I prayed and asked for guidance from my Father.

First, I had to define just what my ministry is. That was the easy part. My calling is geared to my fellow men. I need to remind my brothers of their true responsibilities based in the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Man was created in the image of God. Man was meant to lead according to the Laws of God. Man was meant to be the teacher, the leader and the one that set the example. This is my ministry. To spread this knowledge to every man. To let them know just who they really are.

_facebook_-339148629The music? Well, I also came to the realization that the genre means nothing. The message is the key. The message needs to be positive, encouraging and truthful. Any genre of music can provide that.

Because this is my ministry, I will not charge anything for any service I provide. The only thing I require is credit for whatever I do for your project. The project belongs to the artist totally and it’s up to you what you want to do with it but if the artists wants to make a donation then I will not turn down a Blessing.

If you are interseted or want more information, email me at


Aug 16

Three of my best albums ever on sale now!

new web art

Aug 15

A Reflection of me

stephen1My music has been what it is but a change is coming. Things in my life have changed and you will be able to feel a difference in the music I create and the music I produce for other artists.

I will be graduating from Bible College in May of 2015 and my calling is to bring as many men back to God as I can. I intend to do this in 3 ways. I will lead by example, speak to as many as I can and I intend to use my music to raise awareness to the fact that we (men) have dropped the ball when it comes to leadership in our homes, our communities, our jobs and in God’s Church.

Stay tuned….

Aug 13

Just Listen…

Slide445 years of being in the music industry. Wow, I know some might say that you have been doing this so long, why are you not up there with the likes of Stevie Wonder or Carlos Santana? Well, the truth is there are people that you have never heard of before that has been in this industry longer than I.

I started learning music and learning how to play different instruments at the age of 12. I studied every genre of music I could get my ears on. Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Country and Classical. I learned by listening. I trained my ear to listen to the subtle differences, not just the obvious differences in genres. The skill I developed by learning how to listen started me on my path towards producing my own music.

Producers and engineers can really bring the emotion out in a song. I had the opportunity to hear Prince perform his song “Purple Rain” on a live televised event and I noticed the song just didn’t have the emotional power of the original version done for the movie. The vocals felt flat and I went on a mission to find out why. What I discovered was something small but powerful. The original vocals had echo added. The Television version was missing that. The echo in the first verse made that song powerful and emotional. It made you take notice. When it was missing, the vocals feel flat.

Take a listen to my music. Each instrument has a part to play in the story of the song. Enjoy the beginning, middle and end. All you have to do is listen.

Aug 11

10 was to support your favorite artist that won’t cost you anything.


Are you struggling to support artists that you love? Do you find yourself using the same response every time someone tries to sell you their music?

The truth is we all have moments when we can’t support artists financially. Maybe something unexpected happened. Maybe you are waiting for your next paycheck. Maybe you bought a new toy for your child. Maybe you wanted to show your romantic side by buying roses for your significant other. In this article, I will share with you 10 ways to support artists when you are broke.

1. Leave a comment

Leaving a comment is one of the easiest ways to show support. Take the time out of your busy schedule and leave a comment for your favorite artists. You can leave comments on blogs, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.

2. Video testimonial

Leaving a video testimonial is another way to show support. Recording a video testimonial or review is very simple given the technology that we possess. Record a video talking about the music. Keep it short and share it with the artist or your loved ones.

3. Like or Share

Like the artist’s web content. Actually I want to take it a step further and say share the content. Share, retweet, repost, etc. Get the content in front of people. It’s free.

4. Change your Avi

If the artist has a new album or single out you can show support by changing your Avatar. Changing your Avi is a simple process. All you have to do is find the artwork (Google search), save it and upload it. Bam!

5. Promote

Promoting an artist is easier than you think. All you have to do is track down the link and share it via your Social Media platforms. Add a creative blurb to your link or it might look like spam.

6. Word of Mouth

Remember that your word is valuable. People make decisions based on what their friends and family have to say about a product, service, or — in this case — music. Share the music that you love with those that are close to you.

7. Post content on Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.

You can post the content on Reddit or Stumbleupon and help the artist receive an uptick in views or plays. Make sure your follow the guidelines of the site though or risk getting banned.

8. Post content on message boards

Post the content on message boards and help spread the word. In order to do this you usually need to register with the site. If this is too much work, try looking for a Facebook group that you can contribute to.

9. Use a Hashtag

Use an established hashtag on Social Media. All you have to do is find the hashtag that the artist is using and use it whenever you talk about their music.

10. Blog About It

One of the best ways to share your thoughts about a single or album is to blog about it. This form of support is very beneficial. It has SEO benefits, Social Media benefits and personal benefits. Share your honest thoughts about the music, and then press Publish. When you are finished you can even contact the artist to notify them of your work.

Aug 10

SJF Music, The New Smooth


Dedicated to providing music engineering and production to the independent recording artist at a price they can afford.


We will provide you a professional product or your money back.

 Slide3Mixing and Mastering, song production, song writing and arranging are just some of the services that we can provide. The staff has over 30 years of experience in the music industry and the sound that we produce is well known in the music world.

 We can provide you a finished product in any format that you need. MP3, WAV, or Windows Media to just name a few.

 We can work with digital as well as analog sound files and can provide the finished piece in anyone of these.

 Let us help you take your talent to the next level. We are SJF Music and we are here for you….



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