The Color of Life Project

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Creativity has it’s own way of doing things sometimes. On May 23rd, 2015, I released what was to be my last solo album project titled “Ten”. It was my tenth album since 2006 and was going to be my last one. I was planning on retiring from creating my own music to just concentrate on producing music for other independent artists. Creativity had other plans. New music started falling out of me. It was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever experienced.

So, now what do I do with all this music? I decided to try and use it to do some good so I came up with the Color of Life Project. Music that is being donated not just from me but other indie artists that want to help to make a positive change. Proceeds from the sales of this music will be donated to the American Cancer Society for research. Why this cause? This illness has effected my life in too many ways. Family, friends and co workers have battled cancer. Some have beat it and some have not. Cancer took my mother in 1996. My wife battled and beat thyroid cancer but the operation and radiation treatments stole her wonderful singing voice.

I have and will continue to invite artists to contribute to this project. Right now, I have 24 tracks that are just about ready to go due to the kindness of these artists. If you have a track that you just can’t find a place for, I have the perfect spot. Email it to me with all the information. Artist name, Composer, producer, etc. I will be honored to include it on one of the volumes of this project.


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