The Origin of that SJF Music Sound

My whole life, all I can ever remember is listening to and studying music. It was a huge part of my daily family life. Just about every memory I have has some type of music associated with it. Music is fused into my DNA.

I have probably spent hundreds of thousands of hours listening to just about every genre of music known to mankind. Hours of studying the construction and arrangement. I have studied gospel, R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Country. Hell, I was even in to Japanese rock for a long time. Nothing was out of bounds for this hunger I have for studying music.

Now, when you study this much, it becomes a part of you. This in itself is the reason behind what has been called the SJF Music sound. I have taken what I have learned and allowed it all to become a part of the music that I create.

Now, I will be the first to tell you that I am not the best musician on the planet. I do play a pretty good bass guitar and I can make do on the keyboard and regular guitar but that’s not where my talent is. My gift is that I have an understanding of the sounds that instruments make. I understand how these sounds can be blended and harmonized to create something greater than the sum of its parts. I use these sounds and sound progressions the way a painter uses colors and brush strokes on a canvas. I combine these sounds in a way that you may have never heard before to create a genre of music that you have never heard before.

Is it jazz? Is it R&B? You can call it what you want but there are influences of many genres incorporated into my compositions. My music is meant to be heard all the way through the composition. It can start out one way and end with something altogether different. Every piece is a reflection of all those hours of study. Every piece is a reflection of who is Stephen Jerome Ferguson.

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