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As a listener and Jazz Lover, I can place this album among some of my favorite artists.

Stephen’s rhythmic tones are reminiscent of a Hardcastle, Kool and Klein….set back and relax and Stephen Jerome Ferguson will paint You an oasis of summer shades that will deliver you to a soothing soulful place!.. His music is personal and entertaining . I will recommend his album to all who want a great musical experience!…Great job on this one Stephen!!

Barbara Cox Jackson

Ever had those moments, where you were yearning for some “feel good” tracks that could just take your mind, body and soul literally around the world. Well The Color of Life Album Does Just That.

 Music Producer and Composer Stephen J Ferguson, leaves you with smooth, sexy, relaxing and tranquil tracks that give you so many feelings, thoughts and emotions. From one track entitled ” Being With You” which gives you a smooth, romantic feel, to ” Toyland” which is an upbeat track, with the eclectic sound of a bass guitar and keys, that give you a delightful groove, and melodic sensations. This is the track that you can press play and literally just let it do its thing. 

 The Bliss, Warmth, and Images you will get listening to this album makes it all worth the time. It is Truly The Color of LIFE  

 Bianca Fly:Radio Personality & Host of The Beautiful Butterfly Radio Show 

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Every once in a while, an album comes along that demands attention. This is the case for The Color of Life, the latest project from composer and producer Stephen Jerome Ferguson.

What makes this album so special is that each track stands alone as a monument to Stephen’s uncanny ability to perfectly blend styles of music as well as his ability to masterfully blend different instrument sounds to create a soundscape that catches the ear as well as the imagination.

This album showcases Stephen’s talents as one of the most diverse and versatile composers and arrangers in the independent music realm today. Tracks like Rejoice, Creativity and Indulge Me have that big band sound from the days of Earth Wind and Fire, KC and the Sunshine Band and The Dazz Band. Sugar Rush, Brother to Brother and the incredible Unleashed are destined to be Nu Jazz standards. Toyland and Simply OG will smooth anyone out and probably the most sensual song I have ever heard, Being With You is amazing. The last track on the album is the title track. 7 minutes of pure musical artistry that you will want to listen to over and over again.

This album has something for just about any musical taste. Stephen Jerome Ferguson really put his foot down into this one.

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  1. I’m so happy for you Steve! You poured you heart and soul into this project. You prayed and fought roadblocks. Your creativity never stopped. Seemingly insurmountable life and health situations pushed you to destroy you but you fought through. Sometimes fighting blind. You turned those disasters into food for the soul. Kipling wrote about you before you arrived on Mother Earth. God knows your name. Renaissance Man.

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