The combination of music producer and recording artist can be a very slippery slope.

Many people believe that you could take a recording artists and hook them up with any producer and come up with a fantastic album project. That makes about as much sense as taking two people off the street taking them to Las Vegas letting them get married and then tell them to go have a great life together be fruitful and multiply. It’s hard enough to find the right person to marry and it’s just as hard as putting a recording artists with the correct producer.

I started producing my own music in 2006 and created my own music production company in 2007.I wanted to follow The examples of some of the best music producers that I knew. I looked at what some of the greats in the industry have done and the one thing that they have in common is that they all developed their own sound in their own style of music production. I believe I have accomplished that. I was speaking with an artist friend of mine the other day and they mentioned to me that they could listen to 1000 songs and if one of them was produced by me then they could pick it out. My friend didn’t know it at the time but they gave me one of the best compliments that I could ever get. So how does a music producer go about creating their own sound? Most producers go about The process of putting music together in a very specific way. This process is different for each producer. So I’m start with the groove which could be the drumbeat in the baseline so I’m start with the lead vocals it’s all up to what they’re comfortable with. This special process for each producer gives them their distinctive sound and developing this process sometimes takes years to master.

The recording artist themselves basically do the same thing they develop their own style their own way of doing things. This process gives the artists their distinctive sound.

When I was producing my own music and I was looking for an artist to collaborate with me on a project I had the advantage of being able to look at what other artist with doing to see if it matched what I was doing. Sometimes and (Artist) would come to me and say hey Steve I love your  sound and I think what I do can work with it.

There must be some type of musical bond between the artist and producer this is why some artist and some producers are not happy with the creation because the two are not on the same sheet of music when it comes to the creative process.

Here is my advice to any artist that is looking for a producer. Take time to listen to the producers previous works. Take the time to check out their finished products. If that style does not match your style then look for another producer.

Look at the collaboration between Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson. They created some beautiful music together. Now take a minute to think about what could’ve happened if Michael Jackson had hooked up with Babyface. Even though he is a great music producer I really don’t think that him and Michael would have been a good fit for each other.

There has to be a chemistry there. There has to be a bond if it’s not there you cannot force it just because you want to get your album out there and done as soon as possible.

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