About Stephen

“Relaxing”, “Smooth”, “Mellow” and “Peaceful” are just some of the terms used to describe music created by SJF Music. CEO and owner, Stephen Jerome Ferguson. He combines the smooth sounds of Jazz, R&B and Neo Soul music to create a sound that touches your heart, mind and soul. He utilizes multi layered rhythms and bass lines to form a foundation for his smooth grooves that are powerful and subtle at the same time. Each instrument serves as an actor in a play. Each one has its own role and they all seem to work as one to bring his music to life.

Like many artists, Stephen and his art are not just limited to the creation of music. He has a wide variety of interests and that variety can be heard in his musical compositions.  He loves Photography, Graphic Art and has dabbled in Poetry Writing. On another side, Stephen loves Football, Basketball and Baseball. He played all these sports while in High School and in the military. Latter, while still in the army, he coached Football and Basketball. When he was stationed in Fort Rucker Alabama, he tried his hand at boxing where he fought as a light Heavy Weight and compiled a record of 15 wins and 2 losses. He also loves cars. His dream is to own a 1957 Thunderbird.

Stephen also has what some would call a “geek” side. Chemistry, Geology, Biology, Astronomy and get this, Quantum Physics are rooted deeply in his background. He has spent countless hours looking through a telescope or microscope or crawling over rock formations searching for fossils.

“My God, My Family, My Friends and My Music”. These are the things that Stephen lives by. He plans on attending Seminary College in the spring of 2013 and plans to one day have his own Church. “God has Blessed me in more ways than I know and I need to give Him the Glory”.